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health tip.

Drink Green Tea.
Green tea can help improve your workouts. So drinking a glass of green tea 10 minutes before a workout, greatly enhances it. with antioxidants and caffeine, it helps increase the metabolic generation of heat.

who we are.

the colour green is an extremely new concept salads' bar and sandwiches' deli. We take our inspiration from everything around us. The concept of the place is all about having the cleanest, freshest and most creative ingredients together in one place, where the food is the star and the ambience shines just as well. The place is very cozy; it's like a home away from home for some; and a place to make new friends and meet interesting people for others. Any individual is welcome and everyone will definitely find a cool food item to cater for their taste. Every item that a person creates, adds to our pool of awesome stuff to offer.
So come over and join the fun!