Press Kit

Branding Guidelines:

Always use the full name; the colour green. and not "green" or "colour green" when referring to the brand.

"the colour green." must all be horizontal on one line with the icon on the left of the text. Notice the "u" in the word "colour" and the period after the name.

The name must all be lowercase and the type written to be used in material other than the logo must also be lowercase with short distances between consecutive lines of text.

The font being used is StHeiti, and is only available on Apple products.

Most shades of green are acceptable, but the shades in the logo are recommended. To be used with mainly white but also with recycled brown, in some instances.

the colour green is "the first creative foods boutique with a focus on healthy eating." Make sure to use it in any text or descriptions of the store.

Any wooden texture must be our own special burnt wood texture that is very characteristic to the brand. When using text in the same way the brand does, you MUST consult the owners of the brand. "this is a fridge." (all lowercase, with a period at the end) is acceptable, but other forms of "this is.." that we have not used in the brand might not be acceptable at all. Anything published out of line with the brand guidelines may face legal charges from the colour green. It is advisable to get a formal consent before publishing anything about the colour green.